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Are You Ready To Buy A Home?

Maybe you are asking yourself what should be your first step?


Here’s the Answer 

Get Pre-Qualified!!


Why? To Find Out Your Buying Power & To Be Able To Act As Soon As Your Perfect Home Appears!!

Here’s the sad truth.

When I first started as an agent I had clients who I showed homes to who were not pre-qualified.

We worked until they found their perfect forever home….

But then Murphy’s Law of Real Estate Struck…..

Basically when you find your dream home no matter how long that home has been on the market it seems as if someone else suddenly appears who wants the SAME home.

So while my buyers were struggling to get the prequalification handled they LOST the home to another buyer.

This was the absolutely most sicken feeling possible for me and my BUYERS!!

Don’t let this happen to you! Don’t allow another buyer to come in and STEAL your perfect HOME!! 

Can you imagine how that would feel?

Get The Prequalification Out of The Way!!

Scroll Down & Fill Out The Form At The Bottom Of This Page Now!!

Or Do You Want to Learn More? Click The Video Below RIGHT NOW To Find Out The MOST Important First Step To Take When Buying A Home and Some of the Criteria You Need To Meet!!!

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BEFORE you start looking at houses the first step is get pre-qualified so you know where you stand and what you can buy.

Go ahead and get the financing part out of the way and THEN we’ll work tirelessly to find you the perfect home.

Take The First Step Now and Start The Prequalification Process!

Fill Out The Online Application Below!

The online application below gives me the initial information I need to see where you stand and will help jump start the pre-qualification process for your lender. I do not pull credit or ask for social security numbers. Thats the job of the lender but I can tell you based on the information below where you may initially stand and advise you if you are ready to start working with a lender to get pre-qualified. Then I’ll send you a copy of this form to take to your lender.

After you fill out the application below, either me, someone on my team, or one of the preferred lenders we work with will contact you within 48 hours to go over it.

Basic Information


Pre-Qualification Questions Your Lender Will Want To Know

  • I/We hereby consent to the disclosure by Shane Wilson of RE/MAX Select Realty, acting on his own behalf and any of its employees, contractors, agents and representatives to RE/MAX Select Realty of all personal information, including information which may be covered or protected by federal or state law, about me/us which they may now or hereafter have relating to my application for a loan regarding a residential dwelling. This consent is given voluntarily and for my/our benefit. I/We understand that Shane Wilson of RE/MAX Select Realty is not obligated by this consent to make any disclosure of such personal information and shall not be liable for the completeness or correctness of any personal information so disclosed. This consent: Does not include medical records and medical information. I/We agree that this consent shall remain in effect until the receipt by Shane Wilson of RE/MAX Select Realty written notice from me/us that this consent has been revoked. A photo-copy or facsimile of this consent shall have the same force and effect as the original. I/WE agree that submission online of this form is the same as written or hand signature and shall be bound by this agreement. This consent is executed upon agreement of the above terms and submission of this agreement. Please check mark the box below and press submit.

Let me know your a human. Enter any 2 numbers into the box below

Now that you’ve taken the first step here’s the next! You need to start gathering the following documents.

The above documents are need to get a pre-approval which is much more powerful then a pre-qualification.