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Welcome and lets get started!

First, bookmark this page you can always return here. You should also get an email with a link to my course in it as well. Next, Download your course handbook from the link below to follow along with the videos.

Step 1: Download the A to Z Home Buyers Handbook By Clicking Here

Step 2: Now its time to learn about the most critical part of the home buying process. The financing!

Watch and Follow Along With Part 1 Of the Video Below.

Feel free to print out the course handbook in step 1. Take notes as you listen and watch.

[youtube id=”eQlMSHy_FuM”]

As you can tell, financing is critical to the process of buying a home. You need to get your financial house in order so you can qualify for a loan. If you believe you have reached that step, then fill out my Prequalification Form By Clicking Here

Step 3: Now that you know all about financing lets get into the heart of searching for a home, the under contract phase, and getting you the keys to your new home.

Watch part 2 of my A to Z Home Buyers Course Below

[youtube id=”4moi3Tmo76U”]

Home buying can be stressful but our team works for you. We take care of many of the essential steps in the process and help to get you into your perfect home.

Step 4: Congratulations! You are now fully armed with all the knowledge you need to find a new home.  Its time to contact me or one of my team members today. Let us help you find the perfect home.

If you have any questions after watching the course or you feel that now is the time to get your home search going contact me today. Chattanooga: 423-800-5414  Dalton: 706-229-7887  or Toll Free Office: 1-855-999-3211 and let me and my team help find your forever perfect home today!