749 McCamy Sumach Rd Chatsworth, GA 30705

About The Property

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Square Footage: 1500

Year Built: 1911

Lot Size: 26.06 acres with water!

School District: Northwest, Bagley, and North Murray

Utility Companies: Georgia Power & Chatsworth Water

Price Reduced: $269,000 – Conventional Loan

See details below in the Show Me The Numbers Section.

Additional Comments: Home seeking farmers. With over 26 acres of land that is ready for your own farm. Not only that take a walk back in time as you enter your own historic 1911 farm house. Walking into the living room you’ll see the stunning fireplace as the center piece of the home. The aster bedroom is large enough for all of your bedroom furniture. The interior is completely updated and renovated to high quality standards. Walking out to the back porch gives you a stunning view of your land. Also included is your own barn and wooden storage building. Make this estate yours. Call & Inquire today by calling me directly at 706-229-7887 or my office line at 706-277-3434.

Show Me The Numbers!

All the numbers below are estimates only. Talk to your mortgage broker/lender for more details and terms specific to you!

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MLS Details

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749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8264 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8261 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8260 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8259 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8256 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8254 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8252 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8247 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8244 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8240 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8237 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8236 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8234 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8231 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8230 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8227 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8225 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8220 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8219 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8217 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8216 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8215 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8214 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8213 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8212 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8211 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8209 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8208 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8207 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8206 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8203 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8200 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8199 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8196 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_8194  749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7966 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7964 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7963 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7961 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7960 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7959 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7958 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7957 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7954 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7953 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7951 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7949 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7948 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7947 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7946 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7944 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7942 749MccamySumachRD_Aug15_7941



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The Next Step – How To Arrange A Showing


You can arrange a showing by filling out my showing form located at http://www.pickshane.com/showing/ or by contacting me directly at 706-229-7887 or my office line at 706-277-3434.  I strive to go above and beyond your expectations to find the home of your dreams and hope to help you find the perfect home for you.

Do you have any other questions or comments about this home? Fill free to email, call or you may also fill out a comment form below! I look forward to working with you soon!


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