4023 Mary Elizabeth Dr SE DALTON, GA 30721

About The Property

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 3

Square Footage: 1806

Year Built: 1978

Lot Size: .83 acres

School District: Valley Point, Valley Point, and Southeast

Utility Companies: NGEMC & Dalton Utilities

Price: $124,900 – USDA

See details below in the Show Me The Numbers Section.

Additional Comments: Have a large family? Maybe you need some space to spread out? Then this is the perfect house for you! This is a 4 (possible 5) bedroom 3 bath house. With handicap features. When you walk in there is a bedroom and handicap bath on the main level. Upstairs holds another possible 4 bedrooms. Maybe you need a workshop area? This home has that as well. Come and take a look today! Call & Inquire today by calling me directly at 706-229-7887 or my office line at 706-277-3434.

Show Me The Numbers!

All the numbers below are estimates only. Talk to your mortgage broker/lender for more details and terms specific to you!

Mortgage Calculator


MLS Details

Click Here To Download The Full MLS Sheet For 4023 Mary Elizabeth Dr SE FullMLS


4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8838 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8843 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8849 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8852 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8853 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8855 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8859 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8860 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8862 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8864 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8866 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8868 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8871 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8873 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8875 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8877 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8879 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8882 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8884 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8885 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8887 4023MaryElizabethDr_Sep15_8888

Virtual Tour

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The Next Step – How To Arrange A Showing

You can arrange a showing by filling out my showing form located at http://www.pickshane.com/showing/ or by contacting me directly at 706-229-7887 or my office line at 706-277-3434.  I strive to go above and beyond your expectations to find the home of your dreams and hope to help you find the perfect home for you.

Do you have any other questions or comments about this home? Fill free to email, call or you may also fill out a comment form below! I look forward to working with you soon!


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